WeChat and WeChat Pay – in Europe and in China

If you are seeking to market your products and services to China or reaching your target Chinese customers outside of China, then you will surely have heard about the unprecedented app called WeChat.

It is the number one app used in China (over 930 million monthly active users) and is similarly used by Chinese overseas. It is THE Chinese mobile platform for communication, marketing, e-commerce, customer services, loyalty programs etc. For pretty much any type of person, business or organisation.

On top of this, WeChat is expanding its services overseas and is now available in key international markets with its advertising solution WeChat Ads and mobile payment solution WeChat Pay. This offers exciting new opportunities to integrate your online and offline marketing and sales activities towards your Chinese customers.

Basically, there is no way around WeChat if you wish to reach your Chinese target customer.

Kostense Consulting supports clients in the full development and roll-out of their WeChat Strategy, both in China and in their home countries. In this, Kostense Consulting is proud to cooperate with key strategic partners in Europe. Contact Us now to find out more!

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“WeChat can be seen as a full-service mobile platform which offers its users basically everything they need in their daily life, in just one single app”

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