The Approach – Your Key To China

In order to shape your Key to China, we work with the below 8 step approach. Based on the current status of your China Online Strategy, the approach can be further tailored to your needs. Interested to learn more? Contact us for an initial introduction free of charge!

We define the ideal product- or service-portfolio that best fits your markets needs.

We profile your target Chinese customer, based on social, geographical and behavioral factors.

We define how we talk to your target audience, with which message on which online platforms and which goal.

We develop your sales approach: channels, models, pricing, resources.

We define and plan what needs to be prepared internally & externally for the execution of your plans.

We implement the communication & sales strategy and start roll-out.

We monitor every step of the way and track & analyse the results we see.

We plan your growth strategy based on the results, available resources and cost-benefit analyses.


Annemarieke Kostense

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China wants to grow and be better, it constantly wants to learn and develop. Not to conquer the rest of the world, but to improve itself. And that is what makes it so fascinating.